You give €10 to a good cause 🐻❤️

👕 The sweater costs us €23

We apply high quality standards in everything we do. That’s why we chose to work with Stanley & Stella for the sweaters. They offer premium pieces of clothing made of organic cotton. Thick and soft materials, those everybody loves to wear.


🎨 The print costs us €7

We work with for any print related matter, including our sweaters. Since we do not print in mass, we are not able to get better prices based on big volumes. Also because our main activity is to make cookies, not sweaters 🙂


📦 The shipping costs us €5

If some companies try to make you think that you get free shipping: think twice. Any costs that a company makes always has to be compensated somewhere and shipping fees are impacted to you, on way or another.


💰You buy your sweater €45

That’s the little calculation 45 – ( 23 + 7 + 5 ) = 10


❤️ The association VIER VOETERS receives €10 from you.


⚠️Important to read

We donate all the money we get for sweaters. It is therefore not possible to get your money back. It is however possible to exchange it for a different size, but we kindly ask you to keep in mind that we might sometimes produce on demand, and therefore do not have big stocks. We have this merchandise “side business” to raise money for animals, not to turn into the next Zalando 🙂 You are more than welcome in the shop to try on the sweaters to determine your size (we have mirrors and all..)!